Primrose Foundation

What we offer

The Primrose Breast Care Centre offers exemplary breast care.  

Through your continued support, The Primrose Foundation is able to work in partnership with the NHS and enhance the range of services available at The Primrose Breast Care Centre.

The Primrose Breast Care Centre offers exemplary care and support to people with breast problems, who have been referred to us either from Breast Screening (usually without symptoms) or by their General Practitioners (usually with symptoms)

The centre uses modern equipment and employs modern techniques, the best facilities and highly trained experts, to investigate and diagnose the cause of breast abnormalities and make important decisions regarding treatment plans.

We also have a team of breast care nurses who are dedicated to helping our patients through their whole experience - they are here to listen and advise.

The West Devon and East Cornwall Breast Screening Service is organised from the Centre. The National Health Breast Screening Service invites  women for a mammogram, between the ages of 50 and 70 (the first mammogram always before the age of 53) - a service which we are extending as quickly as the national programme permits to 47-73 year olds.


We offer an on-demand screening service for women every 3 years, after they are too old to receive a routine invitation through the Screening Service.

We offer family history screening for women whose  relatives have breast cancer - putting them at a substantially increased risk.

We are also able to advise on whether a particular family history represents a significantly increased risk or not.

We offer MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) image guided biopsy and a full prosthetics service for the women we operate on.

Adavanced plastic surgery techniques, are offered to patients who require them or may benefit from them.