Primrose Foundation

Modern Equipment

Through The Primrose Foundation, we continue to raise funds in order to provide our patients with the most up to date equipment and facilities at The Primrose Breast Care Centre

Vacuum Biopsy

Diagnosing cancer at its earliest stage is often done by biopsy of tiny calcium deposits that are visible on the breast X-ray. This is very difficult to do and requires advanced equipment which is expensive.

Our unit is proud that we have had vacuum biopsy for approximately a decade now. More and more units are now adopting this technology. It is good that we have more experience than most so we can get the best results possible.

Prone Table

Prone means lying on your stomach. In the unit we have a prone table which allows women to lie face down whilst they have a biopsy. This proved to be much more comfortable for women than sitting up in a chair for biopsy, and also much more successful at getting the tiny flecks of calcium we are often trying to biopsy using this equipment.

Digital Tomosynthesis

This new technique allows the breast to be image differently from before. Breast radiologists can now review breast tissue at lots of different levels, rather like slices through a loaf of bread using this equipment. This has one enormous advantage: it is possible to see whether tissue is overlapping. Overlap often causes breast imagers to be concerned when there is no need to be. Mammograms can be confusing because of all the overlying tissue, but Digital tomosynthesis sorts all that out for us. With help from the charity, the Primrose unit is doing the essential medical research to demonstrate the benefit of this right now.

Full field digital mammography

Until 2010 mammograms were on X ray films. Just like with cameras, mammogram machines have become digital. Because of the detail we require the technology is very difficult to manufacture. It has only recently become available, much later than digital cameras. Ours was one of the first units to get digital mammography and we are fully digital now. Unfortunately in October 2012 not all breast units have managed this. Digital mammography is better for younger women and women with dense breasts than film was. Image storage is much more secure than film storage as the digital images can be protected by secure backup and can always be quickly viewed.