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Michael's Journey

This story outlines the journey experienced by a man called Michael, who after finding a lump in his breast, discovers that it is benign.


Breast cancer can affect males as well.  This story is based on true events, and provides an insight into what you might experience when finding a benign lump, seeing your GP and then being referred to the Primrose Breast Care Centre.

“I have found a lump”
Whilst playing with his son one evening, Michael feels a pain in his chest, as his son jumped on him.  On further investigation, Michael feels a lump near his right nipple on his right breast, and it hurts when he adds pressure.
Initially scared and worried about what it might be, Michael calls his GP and arranges for an appointment to be made the next day.
The GP examines Michael and asks him if there is a history of breast cancer in his family and whether he remembers knocking the area. Michael responds with ‘no’ to each question.
The GP is comforting and suggests that Michael should have the lump looked at the Primrose Breast Care Centre.
“My doctor has referred me to the Primrose Breast Care Centre.”
A letter with an appointment arrives the following week with clear instructions on how to get to the centre.  On arrival, Michael is greeted by the reception staff. 
Initially, Michael feels uneasy and thinks that the ladies in the waiting room are looking at him.  He thinks that they must think he was in the wrong place, or perhaps waiting for his wife.
He feels embarrassed and not sure he belongs – as he thinks that naturally, he is in a feminine environment. However, his thoughts are gently eased, when a nurse called Cheryl and a consultant called Dr. Jones greet him and reaffirms that Michael is in the right place and in safe hands.
“The lump is benign”
Dr. Jones informs Michael that he will perform an ultrasound and rubs cold jelly on Michael’s right breast and scans the lump.  Dr. Jones identifies that the lump is not sinister and is benign, and informs Michael that he would not need any treatment.
Michael feels extremely relieved.
“Raising awareness”
After his initial scare, Michael now checks his breast area regularly and encourages other men to do so as well.  Breast disease is not just a female problem.