Primrose Foundation

About Us

The Primrose Foundation has supported the development of a highly specialised breast care centre.  The Foundation is dedicated to providing the highest possible quality of care for our patients in the most relaxing and comfortable environment

The Primrose Breast Care Centre is situated on Level 7 within Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.

The catchment area includes much of east Cornwall,  much of west and south Devon, as well as the city of Plymouth.

The original Primrose Appeal helped to fund the development of the centre as a 'one-stop clinic'.  People from all our catchment areas were involved in raising the initial £500,000.

Over the last ten years The Primrose Foundation has continued to raise funds in order to enhance the facilities and services provided.

In this state-of-the art centre, Breast Surgeons, Breast Radiologists, Breast Care Nurses and Radiographers work together to provide a high-quality and efficient service.
People with symptoms of breast cancer or other breast symptoms, are seen by experts in their field within two weeks of the requested appointment. For most people who attend the centre, it is possible to tell them on the same day the outcome of all the necessary examinations and the imaging tests.
We are frequently told that the Primrose Breast Care Centre feels homely, safe, bright and secure.

The aims of the charity and the centre are as follows:

  • We want to offer the very best range of services to the people of Plymouth and its surrounding districts
  • We want to help make the process of being reassured when you're worried, as supportive as possible
  • We want to offer you the best treatment based on personal needs
  • We want to make sure that  we do everything to the highest standard and using the best equipment
  • We disseminate knowledge about breast cancer across the community, knowing that the best way to defeat fear is through understanding
  • We strive to be at the forefront of research, development and teaching to provide for tomorrow

The NHS does not have limitless funds, but it does provide the essential equipment for a high standard of care. The Primrose Foundation enables us to go over and above this as standard practice.